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F-Gas Registration in Ireland

Welcome to F-Gas Registration Ltd. From 4th July 2009 it became a legal requirement for all businesses that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, Stationary Fire Protection Systems and Extinguishers , Air conditioning and Heat Pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants to obtain an F-Gas Company Certificate. Read more >

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F-Gas Regulation “Article 14”

This is reminder of the requirement in Article 14 of the F gas regulations that products and equipment containing F gases need to be accounted for in the quota system.  The requirement to have a Declaration of Conformity and the corresponding documentation when importing from outside the EU  is now in place since the 1st January.


Commission guidance document and a presentation summarising the requirements for information is available from the downloads section of the website.  In summary the following is required:-



  • Need to ensure that the HFCs are accounted for within the quota system
  • Register in the HFC register
  • Draw up a Declaration of Conformity at the time of import
  • Ensure that compliance is fully documented and verified