Company Certificate Scheme

ODS & FG as Regs published. Linkas below.

New F Gas Regulations for 2024

S.I. No 404 of 2022

PAN Licence - EPA application guide

EPA information document relating to a Prior Annual Notification (PAN) licence and guide to the application process

Engineer F Gas Certification Course (not for Fire companies)

SI 367 of 2019

SI 367 of 2019.pdf (0.13 MB)
S.I. 658 of 2016 EU (Fluorinated Greenhouse Regulations 2016)

EU F-Gas Regualtion Imports of Pre-charged Equipment Guidance Document

F-Gas Regulations "Article 14" F-Gas Import Rules

F-Gas System Charge in Kgs to CO2 Emmissions

BREXIT Implications for ODS and F-Gas Contractors - Notice Jan 20

Update notification following UK exit from EU on 31st January 2020 detailing status of Companies and Individuals