Christmas holidays 2023
   22 Mar 2023
F Gas will close on December 22nd 2023 for Christmas Holidays and re open on the 2nd Jan 2024.All Renewals of Certificate must be completed before 31st December 2023 On Line ordering system works 24 hrs every day. Normal working hours are open from 10.00 to 16.00 hours. Please contact us by Em...

Have your Say in Europe Public Consultation on F Gas Regulations.
   17 Sep 2020
Please be aware that the open public consultation on the EU Fgas Regulation has just opened. Deadline to reply to this online questionnaire is 29 December 2020.

BREXIT - Implications for ODS and F-GAS Contractors - Notification Jan 2020
   13 Feb 2020
Content of the Government notification issued Jan 2020 following the UK exit on 31-1-2020 from EU

BREXIT - Exchange personal (engineers) certificates
   03 Feb 2020
Exchanging a personal certificate

BREXIT Company registrations post 31st Jan 2020
   03 Feb 2020
BREXIT - Update on Company registrations

F-Gas Regulation “Article 14”
   13 Jan 2017
This is reminder of the requirement in Article 14 of the F gas regulations that products and equipment containing F gases need to be accounted for in the quota system. 

The Hole in the Ozone Layer
   01 Jul 2016
As you aware, CFC gases used in refrigeration and air-conditioning such as R12 & R22 etc have been banned under the Montreal Protocol as they effect the Ozone layer.

EPA Guidance Documents
   12 Apr 2016
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have just published a range of guidance documents in relation to the F-Gas Regulations - they include information on compliance and requirements.

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